I know I’ve told this to you before, but you only need as much sleep as you “think” you do. 

You have been conditioned by misinformed people about why you need sleep, and exactly how much sleep you need.  They tell you that you need to waste a third of your life away resting, but they don’t give any logical reasons why. 

How is it that you dream?  Your brain makes it happen right?  Which means that your brain never sleeps. 

So while your body is at rest, your brain continues to work, never shutting off.  

Two nights ago I celebrated the great achievements that happened for the day, during my sleep.  I assume that my subconscious was basking in all its glory and created celebratory images, or dreams, about things to come.  When I woke up in the morning, it was as if I had truly been out celebrating all night.  I was tired, I felt euphorically hungover, and my body was aching. 

Remember, that the body cannot live without the mind, so does that mean that my mind made it all real? 

We need sleep when we think we do, and we only need as much sleep as we think we do. 

But, how do we change our ways of thinking?  I can only suggest, by experimenting on your own. Try it for yourself. 

Oh, and don’t forget, you can save all of tomorrows worries for the time periods when your body is resting.  Train your mind to think about those things while you are sleeping rather than while you are out and about, actually living.  

Check the weather when you wake up in the morning rather than before going to bed.