Some New Yorkers on Instagram know about this guy named Brooklyn Tank. BK Tank is someone who has been able to do amazing things with the human body by strengthening his body’s core. 

The Core, by definition, is the central or most important part of something. I am here to tell you about another core that we humans have, and that this core is the most important core that can exist. 

The Core is quite simply the mind. Without the mind the brain can’t process what to do and then it cannot distribute duties to the rest of the body to execute these actions. The mind is the one core that we all need to strengthen because once you have mastered the equivalent of what Brooklyn Tank can do with his body, we become unstoppable. 

In order to strengthen the core that is our minds we must forget most of the things that we have been taught. We must look at fear as a made up definition and very wrong explanation for what the rush of adrenaline when you are about to venture off into the unknown is called. We must gain the ability to see that ABSOLUTELY nothing is impossible. We MUST not teach our children to fear, fear. Instead, we must teach them that this feeling is nothing more than our souls remembering that they are very much alive. 

Listen, if you are a positive person then things come naturally to you—things you desire, things you need and even things you don’t. If you are a negative person then everything that can go wrong usually does. The strengthening of your core, either way, will make all of these “things” useless because you will make life as you see it become real. 

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Cyrus Pavel

A Kiss Won’t Lie.

The more you pay attention to the details, the more the details tell you about what is happening, what is about to happen and even what people are currently thinking. 

This is where many body language experts go wrong, ironically, because they know that the overall movement of the one body is where the truth lies, but many times they themselves choose a specific part of the body to pinpoint an agenda that their gut has given them. Instead of following the science of it, they remain human in their instincts. The problem is that our instincts can many times be biased. 

Legs folded away from you, but fidgety hands that continue to wipe their palms down against their jeans means sexual tension. So the legs crossed or folded away from you tell you a lie, if that is the only place you are looking. Constant eye contact, regardless of whatever else is happening in the body, is also a sign of extreme interest. And then there is the kiss. The kiss is the one part of the overall human body-language thing that will NOT lie. It won’t lie because it can’t. 

Cyrus Pavel. 

The Path Most Taken.

I try for the subject not to come up, but it always manages to find its way to my tongue. In the moments when I have spit it out I have simultaneously known how fucked what was coming out of my mouth was, but I could do nothing to stop it. 

They say that before we speak we have to process things through our brains, and then our brains filter what we are about to speak so that we don’t make complete assholes out of ourselves. But I believe that something else happens. I believe that sometimes when we let our emotions take control of ourselves, that our hearts do all of the talking, and that in those words that become cultivated from our hearts our brains and our souls jump in to help us filter things out before our mouths could simply blurt them out.. 

Too many times my soul has let my heart speak its own mind at the extreme objection of my brain. Too many times that has left me on the wrong path with no clear direction of where to go right after. 

Cyrus Pavel


The equinox came in and everything changed. Where your heart was once warm it suddenly turned colder than the winter. The leaves began changing colors, and maybe that’s why you had dyed your hair. I noticed that you were more beautiful than the last few weeks, but I failed to see that more than just the color of your hair was different. 

We had dinner that night and you were distant as if your mind was in an entirely different continent and that watch you kept looking over at was in an entirely different time zone. 

The wind blew intensely in my ear that night as we walked down the west side of Manhattan and approached Battery Park. When it got chilly, you didn’t come near me to hold me the way you normally did for warmth. Instead, you looked over at Jersey as if there were ever something interesting happening there, and when I talked to you, you barely paid me any mind. 

By the time I knew what was happening you were on an airplane back to the other side of the world, and I remember the words I typed on my two thumbs that made you turn around and come back to me again: 

I was, me, before I met you, and I will be “me" way after you are gone. 

Cyrus Pavel. 

with ourselves..

When I say that we should be happy with ourselves, I don’t necessarily mean that we should go to the movies and museums alone. Of course I am an advocate for being with yourself, but being happy with ourselves is the only way to lose insecurity in a relationship with someone else. The reason being is that you no longer find the need to be with someone in order to be happy, since you are already happy. Make sense? 

If we fail to grow into, or become being happy with ourselves, it is then that we feel that we are missing something. That something later translates to love because it is when we are in love that we receive the most compliments on a consistent basis from someone other than ourselves. I’m not saying that isn’t a beautiful thing to have in your life because it is. What I am saying is that with our without that you should be happy every single day with yourself. Now, I’m not talking about your career, or material desires, no. I am talking about you. That little voice that you have on the inside of your head all day. The one that speaks out before you open your mouth. The one that impersonates other voices when you are being silly. That is the voice that should call you a rockstar everyday. That is the voice you need to be happy. 

I was telling a friend last night that she needed to meditate, and I gave her an easy form of it that made it a breeze for me to do:

When you are home or at your office and the environment is noisy as all hell, you know: ambulance sirens outside, coworkers chatting about last night’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, your spotify playing that Rich Homie’s Walk Thru, and that voice in your head reciting 80 different things that need to get done, just close your eyes and focus on one sound. Whatever that sound is it should be consistent and in the mix of all the others. Focus on it through your breathing until the sound drowns out all of the others around it. Once you drown out the other sounds you will have to keep practicing it because it will kind of surprise you that you could do that. Think of it like being able to mute all the other sounds in a TV commercial except for one. Anyway, once you are able to drown out noises, then you will be able to meditate and quiet the recital of voices in your head at will. 

Cyrus Pavel

Whenever I lose a soldier to the construct, I die just a little….

I die because I know that losing a soldier to this construct is like losing a little brother, or, a little sister. Yes!, it is EXACTLY like losing a sibling…

— cp’14 #harvestmoon 


If I tell you not to touch the fire, you run off to grab the flame. 

When I tell you not to go down the path to the right, you pretend that you don’t even see the path on the left. 

I have told you not to go swimming in those murky waters only to see you skinny dip next to sharks. 

If I tell you not to look down, I’m the one that has to end up picking you up from the tightrope. 

When I tell you to close your eyes, you put on your glasses to see. 

I am done telling you what you already know, so why not tell you what you never expect to hear. 



Sometimes our hearts beat so loudly that they drown out all of the other noises that surrounded us. They beat so loudly that all of the old noises go unheard and get lost in the background. 

Sometimes our hearts race so fast that they leave all of the past aches behind them. Sometimes, they race so fast that they run past all of their old wounds and forget that they ever occurred. 

Sometimes our hearts are treated tenderly and held gently in loving hands. Sometimes they are at peace, beating quietly because nothing is wrong. 


like butterflies.

In my dream I wake up to find you laying next to me. While I’m preparing to wake up from my dreams, I often wonder if I will wake up to that reality. While I’m awake, I go on with my days as if they were simply all one long dream, and as I sleep, I go on with my dreams as if they were simply one long day. 

Sometimes, whenever it is grey where you are, it gets grey around me. It’s like on regular days I see more colors than anyone else. The sky looks 3,000 shades of blue and the ocean looks 8,000 shades of green. The sun looks like 2,000 shades of oranges and yellows, and the flowers look as if they belong to a different planet altogether. But, on your grey days, it’s as if a filter is put over my eyes and everything is dull here. 

Energy travels over seas like a butterfly. Sure, it moves in the most beautifully erratic patterns, but at the end of the day it gets to where it has to go, and continues to live as it is supposed to do so. 

There was a time when I stood at the edge of the sand to watch the sea plant kisses on the land. Now I walk along the shores of the world to find what I am searching for because it is right there, where I left it, that I will find it once again. 


Just Go

Sometimes I can see my own future and it makes me worry even less about life. If you know me then you know that I am super positive about everything, almost always happy, and that it takes a lot for anything to bring me down, so worrying even less is like knowing that things will always be ok. And that’s thing right there, that I somehow feel as if no matter what path I take, I will be just fine. 

There are many things that we want to do in our lives, especially as we are growing into ourselves. Hobbies that we desire to take on, places that we wish to see, movements that we wish to join, and sometimes rules to this life that we wish we could change. But we can. We can do all of these things if we really want to. 

Last night I watched a show that contained the infamous character Al Capone in it. Watching that made me realize that he decided on the character he wanted to be and then he embraced it, becoming it until the day he died. He never for one second let go of the character he was playing in this life because the moment he did that then the character would be just another facade, so he understood that in order to be something you must be it every single day of this life, and every single second. 

Do you know who you want to ultimately be? Are you the house wife that is married to a powerful man with money? Are you the philandering husband that is married just for show? Will you be like your sister and marry who the world around you thinks you should marry? Will you be like your cousin and take on the profession that others have chosen for you? Will you stop yourself from travelling the world because of fears that have been instilled in you, or will you move away, scared maybe, but without a single regret because it is what YOU always wanted to do?

Free yourself. Only you have the power to do so. 


September 17th, 2014.

I guess we should write about whatever comes to our minds because we can. You can write about your cats and I can write about the loves that come and go in my life. You can write about history, and I can continue writing about mines. 

Writing is a pleasure to me, but every now and then I get stuck overthinking what to write about. 

A couple of years ago an engineer I know was in the studio with Kanye watching him ponder for hours about what to tweet. I get that sometimes we have to choose what we are saying carefully, and I guess that when we are in the public eye we must do so with even more caution… But, no. 

We need to write what we feel because it is the only way we can grow. It is that very growth that will make us stronger in the long run, and it is the journey of that very growth that will make people appreciate what we write. 

I don’t pretend to have any answers, but I do know that logic runs scarce in these parts, and maybe it’s because I horde it as much as possible. 

Remember, some of the things I write here are my own personal notes. This is more for me than for anything else. I wouldn’t call it my journal, but it helps to think of it that way sometimes. Cyrus is the writer that lives inside of the person some of this world knows, so the diaries of daily activities only exist in forms of dreams and visions that I will translate into my books. 

Books? Yea. They are on the way. I decided on a novel that I think most of you will love because who doesn’t love a love story? 


“I can write, but why the fuck should I write for the likes of you?”
— cp’14

Potes = Poetic Notes.

Sometimes the flow of energy is all you need to feel in order to know the truth about something. It’s like how body language experts believe that where your toes are pointing is where your interest lies. 

Sometimes, it’s your eyes that tell the truth no matter what the words coming out of your mouth are saying, and there are people that can spot that right away. 

Sometimes, I just choose to believe whatever it is that you tell me because it is much more beautiful than the truth, and I get that.